12 mai 2007

... Wish You Were Here ...

Big sweet ears, big white paws, little front teeth, a big pink tongue, a big moist nose, a little piggy pinky belly ...
A baby heart, a honey look, a seed of madness, an ocean of candour, an unconditi
onal passion for butter and cheese, an endless, wide and entire love for its family...
doudou_et_moiSo was my beautiful Sweetheart, my innocent and easy dog, my so so so good and precious dog.
All those little and so lovely things that made you,
Sweetheart, make me smile and cry and smile and cry every day, day after day. Can't help thinking of you, you are in my heart and my thoughts, like a white-and-brown butterfly flying with, around and within me.
I feel you here, next to me, I hope you really are... Oh, dear, I wish you were here !!

Today's St Achille's Day...


Oh, I miss you, my Dearest, I miss you so much...

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  • sweet thoughts from me to your sweet lovely dog ... bisous

    Posté par camillenchine, 14 mai 2007 à 18:49 | | Répondre
  • missing ...

    so deep the pain is, so delightful he was ...the tears are falling and forever ...

    Posté par annelle, 19 mai 2007 à 19:37 | | Répondre
  • mitou

    deep and heavy rememberances.
    but at last,happy recollections of mad laughts and funny moments of pleasures.
    Sure also,there is a white and brown ghost everywhere,anytime,loocking at me far far far in my soul,an ear in my hand - balls too,it likes that to mutch.
    anywhere I miss you ,my Bear,and it will be for a long time I think
    thanks Marion for your post...

    Posté par Dad, 21 mai 2007 à 16:19 | | Répondre
  • chaque jour.......

    ....je te dis bonjour,je te caresse,je te sens à côté de moi... ton souffle,tes ronflements,tes couinements,tes piétinements d'impatience...ton regard surtout qui est tellement plus tendre que celui de certains humains!ton odeur même quand tu as besoin d'un bon bain! tu restes mon Doudou d'amour,mon Toutou adoré,mon garçon!

    Posté par Mum, 12 juin 2007 à 16:25 | | Répondre
  • anybody else

    Posté par Me Pancake!, 07 juil. 2007 à 20:29 | | Répondre
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